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If a deal could land the Raptors a good, young SF to become part of the long-term core of this team, then I could bring myself to accept dealing away Bargnani & Calderon. However, I don't view Gasol as an improvement over Bargnani. He's much older, making way more money, much more injury prone (ie: bad knees) and clearly on the decline. The only way I would support a Bargnani/Calderon for Gasol trade, is if it's a multi-team deal that results in Gasol going someplace other than Toronto and a young stud SF (ie: Gay, Iguodala, Josh Smith) coming to Toronto.
I had a post over in the trade proposal forum a couple days back, but I wonder if there's an opportunity for us to get Deng, with Gasol going to Chicago. We'd need to take Boozer in the process (who, despite his brutal contract, actually might be a decent fit here). I know Deng isn't quite in the same tier as Gay, but a starting unit of Lowry, DeRozan, Deng, Boozer, and Valanciunas would be pretty sweet. I think the Raptors have the assets to get it done.