with the internet buzzing about Gasol's diminishing performance, there were numerous propositions to trade Jose Calderon and Andrea Bargnani for Gasol. Here are the reasons, in my opinion, why that would not be a good idea for Toronto Raptors:
1. Purpose and Production: analysts on 'Yahoo Sports' contend that shift to power forward playing position has deteriorated gasol's game. He has no required athleticism, perimeter shot' or required explosiveness. While paired with Bynum, he was able to change in between the center and PF positions, and compensate for his deficiencies. When paired with a true center, traditional, stationery, and single dimensional, such as Howard, Gasol obviously shows that he can not match his previous year's productivity numbers.
2. Sense of Entitlement: Early in his career, with Memphis, Gasol complained in public and demanded a trade. He sulked, pouted, and disrespected his club. What do you think will be his attitude in Toronto? I also predict he would turn into an exclusive jump shooter, and we already have plenty of those (latest 3 point perimeter shooting addition to the roster: Amir Johnson). Furthermore, playing on Lakers comes with perks: getting full body-guard like protection from NBA refs is important one. That can not be said for Toronto - we have been deprived of the fair officiating for years now. Documented.
3. Personality: abbrasive, dismissive, and difficult to coach. I would never give up on Jose for Pau. Would consider a trade for Marc Gasol, though.
4. More pressing Need: give Valanciunas chance. We have Amir and Ed, and sometimes Bargnani there. What we need is a star wing player, so if we are keen to trade Bargain, package him for Josh Smith, Rudy Gay, or Gerald Wallace type of a player.