raps out: bargs, derozan, calderon, kleiza
raps in: b.griffin, aminu, brian roberts

clips out: b.griffin, eric bledsoe, trey thompkins
clips in: bargs, derozan, vazquez, austin rivers

hornets out: aminu, roberts, vazquez, rivers
hornets in: calderon, kleiza, bledsoe, thompkins

why raps: griffin is struggling this year but getting this beast would require bargs + derozan and possibly a future 1st rounder. it would be cool to land griffin, not only he rebounds like a beast but the dunks would jawbreak the crowd. aminu is a good player, could be our future 3 while roberts as our backup pg.

why clips: loosing griffin is gonna hurt their chance of reaching the playoff but getting a former 1st round pick along with a nice prospect in derozan works. vazquez is a great young point guard who can learn from paul while rivers will see more action as a clips than hornets.

why hornets: this team needs a legit pg and that being bledsoe who needs to start now but he will never find the start as a clip. bledsoe is a c.paul clone and will become a cornerstone franchise pg to build around with a.davis. calderon will be the primary backup for the hornets while kleiza can replace aminu with key veteran help.

raps lineups

-definitely a playoff contender