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Smith bothers me less than guys like Devlin, Leo and, to a lesser extent, Jack. I think it's mostly because, to me at least, it's pretty obvious Doug isn't a basketball guy. He ended up with the BB gig at the Star cause they already had Griffin on the baseball beat and 4 or 5 guys covering hockey. He's a chronicler of the team. He is close to the organization out of habit and necessity. He's like the guy down the hall from me who comes in, works 8-4:30, leaves and couldn't give two shits about the job or the company. He'll do the minimum possible and just wants his paycheck. I get Smith.

I don't get guys like Leo and Jack. Whatever you think about them, they are basketball guys and they aren't stupid. They have lived the game their whole lives and they understand BB. They know what is going on with this team and they understand how bad things are but they keep to the company line and willingly drink the kool-aid. To me, it's worse because it becomes a credibility issue. I think Leo, in particular, has basically lost any respect he once had among Raptor followers and Jack, too, has lost respect with the constant excuse-making.

I'm not saying there needs to be a constant stream of negativity for 2 hours every game but being honest every now and again would be nice.
I find it as irritating as anyone sometimes, but just like all other homer announcers across the league, they're hired and paid by the organization to spew as much optimism as possible. That's their job, if they want to get paid! . It isn't going to change any more than it will in other cities. Do people who complain about these guys and their homerism get fooled by the far more objective stuff from U.S. national broadcasts, and think "why can't ours be like that"? It will never happen, no matter who is in the seat, so people need to turn the sound off if it's that painful, or accept that it will be forever so. These guys need to make a living, and they're doing what every broadcaster in every city does to do so.