Dallas will have another run at the title this year but with Thunder, Trailblazers, Clippers, Lakers, even Spurs all with their upgrades, i don't see it happen for the Mavs, prove me wrong. I wish the Mavs win this year so we can get back a championship-ringed Carter versus a championship-less Carter.

Honest right now, if we pull the trigger, if I'm BC, i would do this trade

Toronto out: Bargs, Calderon, Kleiza
Toronto in: Carter, Beaubois, Crowder, 1st round pick

Toronto brings Vince back so he can play the starting SF for us, we will have a pretty deep SG and SF. Beaubois is a great PG off the bench, he will see more playing as a Rap than as a Mavs. Crowder is good, could be our future 3 beside we get a 1st round pick.

Dallas gets Bargs who could sub in for Nowitzki or play the 3 when Nowitzki is healthy and back. They will have more scorers and everything is well balanced. Calderon at this point in his career should get the start as opposed to Collison but who knows. Kleiza is a great backup.

I don't if the Mavs would want to pull the trigger, from what i see, they just might bite this trade since Bargs is struggling and Vince, a shadow of his former self, might be the SF we need this year to juice some crowd and push us to the playoff beside he will be the first Raps to retire his jersey, question is will he get back his No15 or will he stick with No25.