Every article and blog post you read this year on the Raptors’ performance (especially in the last 20 games) will lead us to believe that this team is something special. Bosh is having a banner year, Bargnani is a year or two away from being an All-Star, Calderon and Jack are giving us Chris Paul production from the point and Torkoglu is finally coming around to proving he is worth the contract he signed in the summer time.
Other encouraging signs are improved defense, better communication on the floor by players that have played less than a season together. Some of us are asking if we were too quick on judging Colangelo on his moves this summer and condemning the coach for a poor start…..
I guess Toronto hoop fans have been waiting on any kind of success for so long and have lived with sub-par and mediocre performances from this team throughout the last 6 years (yes even the 2006-07 version of Raptors kept me asking for more after the loss to the Nets in the first round of the playoffs) that when this team starts performing above par everyone gets exited.
Is 26-23 record something to be excited about? Is Chris Bosh banner year on a contract year something to be excited about? Is Jay Triano’s .447 winning % with 0 playoff experience and wins something to be excited about?
What we all want is for the Raptors to have some continued success. Not just this year but for years to come. All successful franchises that have had winning seasons and long playoff runs have been together for a long time.

This is not the year to be excited about the Raptors… Another early exit in the playoffs is not considered success. Chris Bosh might or might not resign with the team. Either way I do not see him as the franchise player that is worth 20M+/year. He is an All-Star, yes. He is having a monster year, yes. He is carrying the team, yes. Where was this effort the previous two seasons? Is the effort going to be there the next three seasons?
Even though the Raptors are playing great basketball the past 20 games there is something missing at this point. This team does not inspire confidence, especially after last night’s loss to the Pacers by 100 points (I like to exaggerate sometimes).
Am I asking too much at this point? Probably yes. I just cannot stand mediocrity anymore…..