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Thread: Hoopshype says we are in the lead for Pau Gasol

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    Is Gasol the 2nd shoe to drop?

    "I'm a competitor, I'm a guy that thinks I bring a lot to the table, and not being on the floor is something that I don't like, I don't appreciate," Gasol said.

    Gasol had seven points, seven rebounds and seven assists in 21 minutes as the Lakers built an 83-73 lead through the first three quarters.

    "It's a challenge," Gasol said when asked about toeing the line and accepting D'Antoni's decision so that he doesn't take away from the team while still defending his personal ability. "We're challenged every day, and I'm challenged every day to keep my calm and keep my peace and not let my emotions take over my words."

    I have to say if Calderon, Davis, and Bargnani can turn in to Gay and Gasol, that is fairly impressive by Colangelo. Sadly the season may likely be lost by the time anything came about.
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