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    Default Tor-no-min-lal

    Toronto out: Bargs, Calderon, DeRozan, Anderson
    Toronto in: D.Will, Ridnour, Aminu, Blake

    NO out: Aminu, Ryan Anderson, Lopez, Rivers
    NO in: Anderson, Pekovic, AK47, Ron Artest, Duhon

    MIN out: D.Will, Ridnour, Pekovic, AK47
    MIN in: DeRozan, Gasol, Lopez

    LAL out: Artest, Blake, Gasol, Duhon
    LAL in: Bargs, Calderon, Rivers, Ryan Anderson

    Why Raps: Losing three of our key players, this franchise needs a retool and possibly wins the lottery 2 years down the road for a better rebuild. D.Will needs a change of scenery and he can play the SF but most likely PF for us, I believe down the road, he should have a better career than DeRozan. Ridnour is a great backup for Lowry. Aminu is an interesting prospect, together with Pietrus, they will battle for the starting SF. Blake is a fourth stringer PG or John Lucas is waived. Ross will most likely start at SG for us after the allstar game.

    Raps Lineups

    Why Hornets: Hornets need some veterans to help Davis grow. They get a decent backup center in Pekovic who could start for the young franchise. AK47 is a nice addition. Alan Anderson will provide the Hornets with some nice scoring off the bench while Ron Artest, a defensive minded player will help the organization in terms of rebound and defense.

    Hornets Lineups
    E.Gordon/R.Mason Jr/A.Anderson
    AK47/Ron Artest/X.Henry

    Why Timberwolves: The Wolves get major upgrade at the 2 and 5 in DeRozan and Gasol, to go along with Rubio and Love, the Wolves will make some noise in the western conference, a possible playoff contender. Lopez will be a great backup C for Gasol.

    Timberwolves Lineups

    Why Lakers: Obviously Gasol isnt working for the Lakeshow when you have D'Toni as the headcoach so instead they get an offensive minded PF in Bargs who can't rebound shitless, and a great backup PG in Calderon. The Lakeshow also acquire Ryan Anderson who shoots lights out while getting rid of Ron Artest. On every given nights, the Lakeshow will have a distributor or floor general in Nash and Calderon to feed the balls for Kobe, and not to mention, Rivers will have major playing time off the bench for the Black Mumba, Ryan Anderson, Jamison, Bargs. While D.Howard protect the rim with his rebound and defensive mentality. The Lakeshow will become a force to be reckoned with once again when playoff comes around.

    Lakers Lineups
    Bargs/Earl Clark

    In Conclusion
    Raps loose - Franchise rebuild, possibly with some draft picks being added
    Hornets loose - Franchise retool, possibly with a minor adjustment to the team
    Timberwolves win - Franchise on the rise, a possible playoff contender
    Lakers win - Franchise on the major buzz rise, a playoff force to be reckoned with

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    who does l.a. play at sf?

    sorry tenner this one is as researched as others. l.a. bringing in 2 pgs and 2 pfs here and only sending out one of each and a sf.

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