Here it is on trade machine:

Raptors give up: Bargnani, Calderon, Amir, Kleiza
Raptors get: Boozer, Deng (and I would throw in a 1st rounder from LA)

To me, I'm indifferent between Gasol and Boozer, but the real appeal to this for me is getting Deng. He's the same age as Bargnani and addresses our gaping hole at SF. Boozer can start for us until Davis fully takes the reins in a year or two. Salary-wise although we are taking on a lot, including Boozer's horrible salary, we get to dump Kleiza and Amir's salaries in the process. So salary-wise it's neutral in my opinion.

I think it works great for Toronto and LA but I'm not sure Chicago would go for it.