This is so frustrating, losing to the Sacramento Kings? really? yikes! Just effing blowup the whole team already!! Keep only JV, Ross and Lowry.

- Ed Davis was having a MONSTER game why take him out for a guy who is struggling and is known as a guy that disappears come crunch time in Bargnani?? this is like the Spurs game all over again!!

- As for DeRozan, what's the point of being athletic if you're not using it?? this guy is one of the worst finishing guard that i've seen. He's SOFT, he always finesse everything when he drives, why not go hard and dunk the fucking ball instead of laying the ball softly?? he could learn a lesson or two from Terrence Ross on how to finish.

- What can i say about Bargnani? he's not the only problem on this team but it's pretty obvious when he's out of the game the team plays better.

- What the hell happened to their defence? this is like the old Toronto Raptors. I'm starting to think that last year was nothing but a fluke. I mean, the Sacramento Kings could do anything they want to tonight offensively!! This Kings team is one of the worst offensive team and overall one of the worst team in the league!!!

- Coaching needs to IMPROVE big time. Casey at times looks like he has no idea what he's doing. I don't think he's an NBA caliber coach.

- Raps need a new GM. 7 years of mediocrity under Colangelo. Enough already. This all started when they drafted Bargnani 1st overall in 2006.