Toronto out: Bargs, Calderon, Ross, Amir
Toronto in: Gasol, Odom-Morris, Ridnour, D-Will

Min out: Pekovic, Ridnour, D-Will
Min in: Amir, Ross, Artest

LA out: Gasol, Odom Morris, Artest
LA in: Bargs, Calderon, Pekovic

Raps Lineups
Lowry/Ridnour/Odom-Morris (Lucas is waived)

-If I'm BC. i would pry these players and run like bandit and maybe avoid getting fired
-Getting Gasol would benefit the Raps (a playoff contender, maybe next year unless we win 20 in a row)
-Getting D-Will, perhaps a change of scenery, he may be our 3 of the future, a former 2nd pick of the 2011 nba draft, he has lost his touch with the Wolves, in exchange of Ross (who could be their starting 2), D-Will can solidify our lineup, he won't hurt and possibly flourish under Casey's system beside he's real tight with DeMar
-Ridnour is a much better backup than Calderon, better contract nonetheless
-We waive Lucas and in return get a young prospect PG in Odom-Morris.
-We clear a lot of cap for next year by getting rid of Bargs + Calderon and Gasol has a player option next year, we can trade him for a young PF with upsides + backup C (Oden, Varejao, Jason Thompsons, or Perkins)