I mean, watching this team specially last night's game, Casey is not this stupid right? putting in Bargnani late in the game in favor of Davis who was having a great game. I've seen it time and time again this season. Comical.

Come to think of it, do you guys think Colangelo asked Dwane to play Bargnani more? maybe pad his stats so that they could move him and get a decent return? that's the only explanation that i can think of why Bargnani is getting this much minutes even in games where he's struggling mightily. If not, if it's Casey's decision all the way, then he has no business being an NBA coach.

Not targeting Casey here or anything, but his rotation to start the season was a mess. Like he has no idea what he's doing. Then the way he's handled Bargnani this season is comical. The team plays so much better without him. They play better defensively, they're more gritty defensively, they're more physical, overall a better team without Bargnani.