People up in arms over this move have lost their minds, most specifically ones who've been saying we need to see JV and ED working together. Guess what? This move does that!! AND it puts them both on the floor more with Jose, who will feed them the ball more. I can't think of a better scenario for their development in working together at both ends.

This move is no diss on JV, but is very likely a good move to make FOR HIM at this time. The last 2 games indicate he may be hitting a bit of a rookie wall while constantly playing against the opponent's #1 C, while he still has lots to work on. This relieves much of the pressure from him and allows for an easier route to adapting to the NBA schedule and lifestyle. It doesn't mean he'll play less minutes (maybe even more), nor does it mean he won't find his way back to the starting unit as the season wears on.

Some people need to chill from criticizing every single move, especially those that wanted ED and JV working together to start with. Sheeesh.