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Val will be starting tonight..http://www.sportsnet.ca/basketball/2..._jazz_preview/

glad to see..Val hasnt been our prob. PRIMO PASTA is!
I'm a huge JV fan... just ask anyone in the dynasty fantasy basketball pool. I think he is going to be great; however, lately I have started to think that when he is on the floor the Raps are worse defensively. I decided to look up the Raps +/- statistics for this year (20 games) and my fears were actualized. Now, I know that plus/minus is not viewed the same as in hockey, and some people give it little merit in basketball, but when their is this much discrepancy between Amir and JV (or Bargs) for that matter, it makes me think that there is a strong case to put JV on the bench to start the game and start Amir.

Here is the link: http://www.nba.com/statistics/plusmi...9&team=Raptors

Notice that Amir is one of only 2 Raps in the plus (+31), while JV is the worst (-116) and Bargs is second worst (-108). JV has also had about 270 less minutes than Bargs to accumulate that poor stat.

I watch JV with rose-colored glasses and think that any time he touches an offensive board, or makes an aggressive move, he is doing well... Amir on the other hand only gets my praise when he does something truly great. In other words, I have a double standard and so do the commentators.

JV will be good, very good, but we are definitely sacrificing good starts, and possibly wins, to get there.