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Thread: The Pro's and Con's of a rumour.

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    Default The Pro's and Con's of a rumour.

    Now, as most fans in the NBA are sure (most specifically Laker, and Raptor fans) of the rumoured deal going on between the two organizations.

    The original deal was:

    Now, remember, there was also speculation that BC was not interested in dealing Andrea Bargnani, but that being said, we should continually be reminded to take whatever Coach Casey, or GM Bryan Colangelo say like a grain of salt.

    Now, back to the original topic, the consensus pieces of the trade (from what I've read) was Pau Gasol & Steve Blake for Jose Calderon, Andrea Bargnani, and Linas Kleiza.

    IF this were to happen, and that is a HUGE IF (considering the front-office promised Nash not to trade Gasol until the return, and BC's 'said-to-be' unwillingness to deal Bargnani), there would be a number of pros & cons for both teams.

    Los Angeles Lakers:

    - Andrea Bargnani is a stretch four. Under Mike D'antoni's system, he's proven to make very good use of big men with the ability to stretch the floor.

    - With Toronto being so tired of him being a #1 option, he can now be the very #3-#4 option on offense where he is better suited. He would be able to play under little pressure, for he will get his shots under a system that runs on a point guard and his ability to find guys shots.

    - With Bargnani's defensive deficiencies, a guy like Dwight compared to JV isn't much of a large liability, for Dwight is a proven NBA anchor, and is able to cover much up of a team's defensive woes. This goes same for rebounding. Now, this may or may not be a pro, but I believe it is, for Bargnani adds a whole new dynamic for the Lakers.

    - Jose Calderon is able to come in, and bring in some very good contribution right out of the gate. Depending on injuries to Nash, you won't get top notch production out of Duhon and Morris from that spot. That's where Calderon is able to come in, and be an important piece down the road, especially come Spring time if (can't believe that's a question) the Lakers make the playoffs.

    - Linas Kleiza. Not a huge trade name, but I believe he adds to that dynamic change for the Lakers. A 3-man who can play inside, and outside. Post-offense is very good, and is a solid bench scorer. Inconsistent though, but LA is also a team that (not as desperately needed) requires some more production from the 3-spot.

    - Expiring contract at the end of the 2012-2013 season (current season), with nearly 10-11$ million dollars coming off the books. Kleiza and Bargnani not working? They become trade chips/assets in any trades going out to try and acquire younger players and picks if they're trying to develop for the future.


    - Bargnani's deficiencies could prove to hurt the team more than it does the Raptors, and he continues to struggle and put up inefficient scoring for his team. Unlikely though under a change of scenery, and in a role where asked to do limited tasks.

    - Calderon is also an older point guard, who experiences injuries basically every season (posted in the past by Matt52, as history shows it), if he goes down, it's back to trying to get production from Morris and Duhon.

    - Calderon and Bargnani just end up being 15 minute 'take-a-breather type players'. For this only happens if Calderon and Bargnani just don't fit the system and concept D'antoni is trying to run.

    Toronto Raptors:


    - Pau Gasol is a proven winner. He will bring a presence to his team. On, and off the court. He has valuable NBA experience, and is still one of the best finesse big men in the league, probably one of the best big men in the league in general (when healthy).

    - Pau Gasol would possibly push Coach Casey to instill the slow down, 'grind-it-out' game, where he would be able to flourish, and have a huge impact on the game. The high post, or the low block. His game allows not only himself to have good scoring opportunities, but for his teammates being one of the best passing big men in the game.

    - Pau Gasol is an excellent rebounder, and a solid defender. Known to be quite soft, but compared to Bargnani, he doesn't have the one-dimensional outlook Bargnani has.

    - Pau Gasol also becomes a type of teacher towards Jonas Valanciunas. JV could be able to learn post-offense, the overall big-man game, and the different parts of the NBA game from a proven NBA big man. This is where - in my opinion - is the best pro throughout this whole process.

    - With Calderon gone, Toronto would've had to be forced to play JL3 as the back-up point, which quite frankly he's doing a terrible job of playing the 3rd stringer. Yikes! Blake comes in, and is your prototypical NBA back-up. Scrappy player, changes game tempo, and is able to provide some type of scoring punch (3-point threat specifically).

    - Well, Bargnani would be gone. So, I guess that's a pro.


    - Health is HUGE. Pau Gasol has tendinitis in both knees, and Blake has some weird injury as well. Whatever the situation, if both were acquired, there wouldn't be much knowledge on when either guy could make their debut... Thus, if both are injured, could set this team back a little bit. Although, that means Ed gets some minutes!

    - Pau and Steve may not fit. Depending on how things continually are run (especially with Casey and his weird coaching this year), there might not be a romance to start with, or even end with.

    - Hurts the financial flexibility this team has been raving about all off-season long. Pau Gasol nearly eats up 20$ million dollars, but depending on how he performs, that's going to effect this team moving forward.

    Two questions for the readers are, do you believe a trade like this is a quick fix, where BC is desperately trying to create something left of the season? Or a move that could bring this team forward, going on without a piece many believe is hurting the progression of this team?

    Add pros and cons if you like as well, and argue mine if you would like! Would love to hear others' feed-back on this certain rumour. Please do note that these pros and cons are just my opinions.

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