From the Toronto Sun:
Lowry almost single-handedly got the Raptors the win in the second half Wednesday, scoring 29 of his team-high 34 points. Casey believes that would not have been possible without Bargnani on the floor occupying one of the Kings' bigs, thereby freeing up lanes for Lowry to do his damage.
So Casey is basically putting the blame on Big V and beleives that Bargnani is the reason why Lowry went off in the second half. Is this the proof that hes just Collangelos puppet? Or just some really bad coaching? The only time I honestly beleived that the raps were in it at all was before Bargnani came in to replace Ed Davis.

I understand his belief of bringing Big V off the bench in favor of Amir due to his defensive liability (which will get better with time), but his failure to ever put ANY blame on Bargnani is horrible. I get a feeling that Lowry will eventually have some negative run in with him.