This is a great segment. I felt really bad for the guys who were the 16-18 players on the team. Had to be let go, didn't know it was really that tough.

Anyways, I was watching the first two episodes, and one of the episodes covered their home-opener.
The home-opener against us. The Toronto Raptors.

The number 1 thing they wanted to stop, was Andrea Bargnani. Avery Johnson was saying stuff like "Don't let him touch the ball! He's not getting anywhere near the hoop! Don't let him get open on the wing!" That being said, a lot of teams seem to really put Bargnani as the number 1 threat on their scouting report.

Yes I know he's been struggling, and I'm a huge supporter of the movement '#TradeBargnani', but with him being the guy a team keeps an eye on, guys like Derozan and Lowry have the ability to sneak through and take over. And quite frankly, that's what happened that game. Our back-court was tremendous that game.

Now, I think that says something about Bargnani, when he is on the court, it allows others to be better as well. Offensively that is.