I have no hope for this franchise anymore. This culture of losing is unacceptable. I do not feel the Raps will ever be good ever.. The entire organization is infected with an unbelievable tolerance and acceptance for losing. I think the Raptors actually need to shut down shop for good in Toronto. There is literally so much work to do, literally the only way to right this ship is to fire everyone on the Raps payroll and start fresh in a new city. The damage done here is so severe that the Raps have absolutely no hope for ever winning a fan base back ever.

I think Canada could still support a team but by no means in Toronto, the fans there and city have been so scorn that there is no hope left. Vancouver is the only city in Canada that is really truly amazing and would have the ability to attract high level names. I have lived in both cities and if I was an NBA player I'd hate to live in Toronto, but I would def consider Vancouver.

No hope left for this setup.