I was glancing at the NBA team salaries on hoopshype while waiting for this beating in Utah to end and I noticed that the Raps have to fifth lowest payroll in the league. If you look at the bottom 10 teams in terms of payroll you'll find that only three of them (Milwaukee, Houston, and Minnosota) are in the playoffs and that those 3 teams are all 7th or 8th seeds. What does that tell you?

We should have know when this season started we didn't have a chance, this team hasn't landed a big free agent since Hedon't Turkeyglue and as long as we keep on not bringing in good, established, players we are going to lose. If we have to massively overpay to have a chance at some talent than we should do it. You can't get better by just amassing picks, every team that has rose up from obscurity, from OKC to the Clippers, have done by adding the right pieces to surround their picks, usually through free agency. BC is completely at fault for this one, there is no excuse for failing to bring back any decent free agents in 5 years.