This team right now is so bad defensively AND offensively. They're a mess really. Defensively, just like Matt and Jack said tonight. They overhelped too much. Not just tonight but pretty much EVERY GAME this year. I can't wait to see them play the Knicks or the Warriors. Those two teams would probably hit 20 three's against this team.

Offensively, they're very predictable. It's either pick and rolls(when Jose's on the floor) or just go one on one whenever Lowry's on the floor. There's no ball movement whatsover. Speaking of Lowry, the guy just takes way too many unnecessary shot. His shot selection is BRUTAL. Bargnani on the other hand is the same thing. Whenever he gets the ball he just shoots. No awareness whatsover.

Where's the accountability that Casey was talking about when he got hired? And he's supposed to be a great defensive coach right? looks like last year was nothing more than a mirage. This team right now defensively is just as bad or maybe even worse than the Jay Triano coached team.