Well, it is too late to decline Casey's third year option but it doesn't mean he has to coach it out.

Colangelo on the other hand, still has his third year option looming and it really should not be picked up.

The franchise needs to be flushed from top to bottom. #tradeBargnani; goodbye Jose; pack your bags Linas; and Amir you're going, going, back, back, to Cali, Cali. Bring in real talented prospects (Derrick Williams is a start), obtain picks in any way manner - even take on bad contracts.... like really bad contracts (and before you say, "But look at SAC and WSH!!" Guess what?? Those franchises suck too. Youth is not the problem - poor decisions and asset allocation resulting in minimal talent is the problem).

Casey has clearly lost the magical defensive touch from last season and more importantly he has lost the locker room (before you disagree, go to the mirror and ask yourself the question).

Colangelo's shine ran out in 2008 (sadly it took me 4 years to recognize that).

And so I bring to you the newest Twitter hashtag:


And don't forget old faithful that will be needed to start it all: