I've been a hardcore Raps fan since the VC/T-Mac era. I was a Rockets fan growing up(still follow them to this day) but really fell in love with the Raps specially with VC back in the late 90's/early 2000's.

This team right now though is tough watch. Too many losing seasons is not fun. I still would follow the team, i think they have a good young player/future allstar in JV. But other than him i don't have much positive to say about the team.

The management is a mess. Hated the Bargnani pick back in 2006. It's too risky to draft a big European player 1st overall. Colangelo said he's going to upgrade the SF position at the end of last season. Is Landry Fields really an upgrade over James Johnson? really?

The coaching staff seems confused. Casey looks like he has no idea what he's doing. His substitution patterns to start the season was puzzling, the way he has handled Bargnani and Davis' minutes is ridiculous. The offence is as bad as i've seen. Very predictable, lots of one on one. No ball movement. The defence is ridiculously bad. Casey is supposed to be a defensive coach right?

Raps need to do something BIG to make me interested again.