It could always be worse:

Michael Lee of the Washington Post has a piece out on how the Washington Wizards are "still haunted" by Gilbert Arenas' massive contract extension in 2008. The headline and subsequent article is a roundabout way of saying what we noted a few weeks ago: the decision to trade for Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza appears to be a $43 million mistake unless the two dramatically pick it up. Forty-three million, of course, is what the two players are owed over the next two years. In essence, the Wizards took whatever money they saved by dealing Arenas for Rashard Lewis and reapplied it to Okafor and Ariza.


A 43 million dollar mistake. That's how Mike Prada and countless of Wizard fans have characterized this trade, merely after just the first week of the regular season. Three weeks in, they started pondering any and every alternative Ernie Grunfeld could have made instead. Yes, the duo we shipped off to the nation's capital has been that bad. They comprise roughly 1/3 of the Wizard's payroll but have played in under 19% of the available minutes. That's unacceptable that on a bad team, they have simply been worse than most of their counterparts. We really do owe their fans some type of condolence letter.

This is also further proof I know shit. I actually thought this trade was a good one when it went down for Washington. Considering I've been spewing what Colangelo has been promoting for the last few years, I'm doing the opposite like George Costanza. Take on the worst contracts in the league but get back lots of first round draft picks in the process. I never would have thought a few months ago I'd think this is the right direction for the team but there it is.