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How did they get better defenders? Who at SF is better at defence than James Johnson?

JV has been atrocious defensvily, pairing him with Davis has been a disaster.

Terrence Ross is a negative overall statistically to this team as well.

There is nothing better about this team defensively over last year, and that has a lot to do with the roster, and obligations to play Ross and JV.

Casey is not a magician, and expecting him to turn JV into a starting Center in his first year is beyond ridiculous. I can't believe you guys expect to play our rookies and still make 8th seed.
Coming into the season:

JV+Amir over Gray+Amir any day
Fields is a very solid defender, while JJ was apparently a bad locker room guy and was often risky on defense

I think it's pretty clear they got better individual defenders, especially at point guard. Fields can't be any worse than JJ, and Gray was terrible on both sides of the floor. Can you honestly say you were expecting this much of a regression because of the loss of JJ and taking minutes away from Gray? Not to mention taking Jose out of the starting lineup. And ross doesn't play nearly as much as Pietrus/Fields/Anderson/Mcguire who are all at least decent defenders.