Toronto out: Bargs, Calderon, Ross
Toronto in: Miller, Faried, Blake

Denver out: Miller, Faried, Lawson
Denver in: Gasol, Calderon, Artest

Lal out: Artest, Gasol, Blake
Lal in: Bargs, Lawson, Ross

Raps Lineups

- Raps get younger prospects in Faried and Miller. Faried is Paul Millsap 2.0 with more upsides, he rebounds and can finish at the rim, on some nights, he will be playing the 3. Quincy Miller has done well in the D-league, he should be the player we should've drafted instead of Acy but no worries, we get two Baylor players who might thrive well under coach Casey's system, Miller has a nice stroke and he could be our future 3. Blake is a decent backup for us

- Nuggets get an allstar caliber PF in Gasol and a point guard in his prime in Calderon who plays much better than the struggling Lawson while also getting Artest, a defensive stopper to help the Nuggets to reach to the playoffs

- Lakers get Bargs, a replacement for Gasol or he could come off the bench, I'm predicting the Lakers will go hard at Jefferson and Millsap possibly offering Nash + fillers. Lawson struggles for the Nuggets, perhaps a change of scenery could rejuvenate his career, possibly to the Lakers, he's a decent player who could be the PG of the future for the Lakers when Nash retires. Ross could learn from the greatest and will replace Kobe when he retires.