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Guys like this are like lottery tickets though. For each of them, there are many incredible players who do take a bit more development time. These late bloomers won't necessarily be superstars, but they can become all-star level talent, and that's a more realistic thing to focus on.

Still don't think they should keep the current team together though. I'm advocating going all out for 2014 draft acquisitions. I'd move anyone on this team besides JV. If we have to take on some bad contracts to get 1st round 2014 picks in the lottery range, we should do it. Those bad contracts will disappear before the prospects we could draft in 2014 do.
I hesitantly agree, depending on your definition of "all out". This whole blowing it up idea is worrisome. Less so now with the clarification of the definition of "blow it up". I'm not ready to make a move now for a draft pick 2 seasons away. That could end up biting us in the butt.