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I would say that it does. Getting a bad contract with 1-2 years remaining wouldn't be bad and I could even live with 3 years remaining, if the pick(s) were high enough in their respective draft class(es). However, I wouldn't want to completely cripple the franchise's financial flexibility for the next 3-5 years, just to land a couple picks that may or may not pan out. Even if the Raps aren't likely to be major players in free agency, having no cap space for multiple seasons also severely limits their ability to make trades or even get in as minor players to help facilitate larger trades.

I was all for the trade that Cleveland made with the Clippers 2 years ago, which saw them land a top-5 pick for taking on Baron Davis' contract. Even if they didn't amnesty him, I think he only had another year left on it anyway. Had he had 3+ seaons remaining (without amnesty option), suddenly that trade looks much less appealing.
There aren't really that many bad contracts in the league right now. I'd say the guys who have more than 3 year contracts that might hurt a franchise are Johnson, Lopez, Gordon, Nene, Batum, McGee, Curry or Gallinari. I'd include Amare as well even though his contract is done in 3 years.

Brooklyn won't have picks as assets so I don't see how they could shed Johnson or Lopez. Gordon/Curry/Nene are all injury prone and they are on my list simply because of that. And I doubt a team would give away their pick just to unload these contracts - but I could be wrong. Batum and Gallinari are playing poorly this season and I do see them improving but their contracts suck. And McGee is just awful.. although we have JV so I don't see us ever getting him anyway.

After these guys, I say any other contract is fair game.