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I think a lot of Lowry's self-centred play comes from him being frustrated with the terrible offense he is forced to run. An example of this was in Portland where he was waiting for the team to run the play, but they didn't do anything so he jacked up a long 3. I know i sound like a Lowry-homer but it's hard to blame him IMO
Just to tack on to this, the team not trusting eachother is something I've noticed getting progressively worse as the season goes on.

On offense they don't swing the ball, don't look to exploit mismatches, don't look to set eachother up. Part of it is that they lack players that can do those things (even do simple things like make an entry pass), and part of it is that they employ ball-stoppers and guys whose only game involves isolation. I honestly can't remember watching a team move the ball less and with less purpose than these Raps do; the only time anyone ever passes is when they've picked up their dribble and they have no choice.

On defense, they overhelp like no team i've ever watched. They clearly don't trust eachother to contain their man, and I can't even blame them because they have so many poor defenders. This wouldn't even be that big of a problem for most clubs, but it takes about 2 rotations for the Raptors to be completely lost; how many times this year have you seen either zero raptors closing out an open 3 point shooter, or MULTIPLE raptors closing out? Both are signs that people haven't got a clue what they're doing.