It might be fun for us disheartened fans to cut the crap and say what we'd try instead.

It's time for the coach to honestly search for some chemistry. BC appears to be in no hurry to make a trade. I don't blame him either. It's not a great time for trading and coming out on top. Getting rid of Bargs for nothing back is fool's talk.

I was glad to see Kleiza start last game. So, for the record, and I'd love to see others' suggestions, I'd do the line-ups this way:

C: Gray/AJ for some matchups
PF: Bargs
SF: Kleiza/ Pietrus for some matchups
SG: DeRozan
PG: Calderone

Go ahead, laugh, but I think they could hold their own, keeping it close enough for our vaunted depth could take over. This is basically the lineup that won them a few games last season.

C: Valenciunas/AJ
PF: Davis
SF: Pietrus/Kleiza/Ross/Derozan (AA,Fields)
SG: Ross/Lowry (Fields)
PG: Lowry/Lucas

I think something like this is worth a try for a few games to see how it goes. Run totally different offensive sets with these lineups, and play the same players together as much as possible. More athletic players can be juggled a bit on the wings for matchup reasons. Obviously my way would be to run a slower half-court offence with Calderone and a fast-break style with Lowry.

So what would you do?