I have drawn up a plan for the Raptors to contend soon. It is as follows:

1. We trade Andrea for a 2013 late lottery pick. I'm thinking a team like Portland, or maybe Phoenix, Orlando, Detroit, Minnesota.
2. We trade Jose to Dallas or Chicago who are both in need of a starting point guard - in exchange for their 2013 pick
3. We get rid of Landry Fields (and his salary) for a late first rounder or recent draft pick
4. We play our young guys - Lowry, Ross, Demar, Davis, Jonas for the rest of the year and hope to keep that third overall pick. We currently have it, and Cleveland and Washington are both about to get their star point guards back
5. Lets hope we get the 3rd, 13th,17th and 26th picks (estimates)
6. We take Shabazz/Otto Porter 3rd overall (fills sf gap), we take a SF/PF/C 13th like Poythress or Mcadoo, we take Myck Kabongo as our backup pg at 17, then take the best player availible at 26.
7. We give max offers to Josh Smith and Paul Millsap hoping one of them signs here for the cash, and we resign Lowry to a big. time deal
We go into 2013 season with a line up of Lowry, Demar, Shabazz/Porter, Smith/Millsap, Jonas.
Seems like a team that could make the playoffs next season, but we said that this year.
Please leave opinions below?