I applaud Amir Johnson. I applaud Mickael Pietrus. Frustration got the best of Amir, and although he got a little TOO hot (likely fined for the mouth-piece throwing), it's about time someone got intense. Especially just the way this team is playing, and the disrespect of refs, thank you Amir. If this was a home game, your fans would stand. I can't wait to hear what he says.

He is a guy you don't expect to over-react, especially Amir Johnson react in general... Mickael Pietrus stepped in there, and did a job as a veteran on the court, unlike Derozan and Calderon who stayed back and watched.

This is just my opinion, I'm a very intense person. I don't believe in soft, especially on the court. I'm leading the district in technical fouls (good and bad thing), because I don't like disrespect, and you'd better be fair calling our game. I do 'talk' on the court though, seems like everyone thinks it's un-sportsman like to talk, it's just basketball.

Coach Casey did a poor job defending Amir post-game. God Casey, you're cockin' it up.