Why Millsap
Raps need low post presence hence Millsap long-term. Offer him 12m per next year hopefully get Fields off the books and somehow potentially sign Lowry, or a more coachable starting PG. /* Ouch that one stung a bit, sorry. */

Why Bell
Cause we gotta take something back in terms of salary. Let him walk next year, don't even amnesty him... he doesn't make enough. Or if we deal early enough get rid of him before deadline if possible.

I'd really love to see De'marre Carroll come this way, he's playing well this year, chances are it ain't happening.

Why Utah would consider Bargnani
its not a likely spot for him i know, But as the 3rd maybe 4th scoring option, at best, off the bench, playing say ... the raptors, he would have a chance to do well with no pressure.

With Favors and Big Al upfront, Bargnani will have tension relieved and a rejuvenated confidence to score. BC (up until recent) has made him to be a first option offence in Toronto, and clearly... Well ya you know...

Fingers Crossed and lets hope they bite... because giving up a draft pick in '14 aint gonna happen, because from a marketting standpoint, nobody needs Andrew Wiggins like the raptors do.