Then there is Andrea Bargnani, Torontoís windy avatar of dissatisfaction. According to sources, the team meeting following the 131-99 loss in Utah involved heavy criticism of Bargnani from his teammates, with some also directed towards point guard Lowry for overly self-centred play. But Bargnani, as always, was the focus.

Anybody can see why. He is back to being his own disinterested self, hoisting jumpers and standing straight-legged. Nobody has ever been able to reach him in his seven-year career; not Colangelo, not his coaches, not his teammates. Last season he was half-involved; this season he has melted back into his unformed puddle of untapped talent. He is grabbing the lowest percentage of available rebounds, 7.6%, of his career. Itís the worst basketball he has played since his disastrous sophomore season. He is finally being shopped, which means even Colangelo is giving up the ghost. But right now, there are no takers.