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Poor Bargnani I dont hate him personally but for theis team to get better it has to 1. Trade Bargnani for whatever and have a more solid defensive line up that can go back to grinding Ball, Ed Davis and JV give us good post presence should cut down some of those silly points in the paint. 2. This fires up Bargnani to give a shit of all players he has the worst work ethic honestly if Bargs worked on his game he would be amazing dominant nobody could touch him a 7 footer that can shoot grab boards and easily score in the paint with a polished box and post game? He would truly be incredible if he cared to develop himself imagine Bargnani with DeRozans work ethic? Sam Mitch brought that up recently and I agree.

To this day I still dont fault BC for drafting Bargs, based on his raw skillset and athleticism for a 7 footer he could have been a monster.
Not to nit-pick here. But JV is one of the major reasons the defence has regressed so much this season. Temper expectations a little bit about the post play post-Bargs.