Very very little, but still something that perked my attention,

This is in response to a certain comment on Doug Smiths raptors blog:

So BC is pretty much a lame duck manager cause his contract is over so the vultures will be circling cause they know he is desperate. A couple questions,
1- Can you see a scenario where his contract is extended at this point?
2- Does he still have complete basketball decision autonomy to wheel and deal or do his decisions have to be approved by those with taller foreheads than he?

Blogger's note: No, and yes

And in a clarifying comment:

Does your "yes" in reply to 2) mean yes, he has full autonomy, or yes, his decisions have to be approved?
And does your "no" in response to 1) reflect any inside knowledge you may have gleaned from sources inside the Evil Empire, or is it simply your considered opinion?

Blogger's note: Yes means he has as much autonomy as ever; at some level, every manager has to get approval but not for relatively mundane things; the no is part common sense, part private conversations that I won't make public"

I think that many here are critical of D. Smith, but no one can ignore his tads of restricted insight.
Taking the temperature of the room here, it seems like BC is on the hot seat.