place this in whichever thread merits it. But I was playing around with the trade machine, and although many combinations and salaries work...who in the fuck would take Andrea Bargnani?

I came up with four teams that would be interested for different reasons.

Minnesota: Love doesn't like them. Kirilenko, Peckovic, and Rubio can hide him on defense and Adelmans system suits his strengths.

Houston: With Lin and Harden penetrating and able to keep their man in front of them and Asik manning the middle perhaps there is an opportunity for Bargs there. Perhaps we could land Royce White since we only show up for home games anyway.

Indiana: With Hibbert packing the paint, Bargnani could be well suited to a role their. We could finally pick up an above average 3

Lakers: It has been much discussed.

If we can't land a deal with any of these teams....we need to consider busting out the Amnesty