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This may not qualify as a single error, but to me the biggest issue has been an excessive amount of roster turnaround that has produced zero continuity/growth and unearthed zero consistent role players. You would think that after 7 years of constantly bringing in new faces, a few would have stuck (outside of Amir Johnson, who is obviously overpayed). But after 7 years of trading away second round picks, taking flyers on guys like Moon and trading for high draft picks that had fallen out of favour with other teams, there is literally nothing to show for it. I can forgive the draft picks, I can forgive the deals that didn't pan out, I can forgive not fully committing to the rebuild, but how you can turn the roster over year after year and not find a few players to keep long-term is a bit mind-blowing. It just speaks to how fractured and uncertain the team's direction has been year after year, how BC has been reacting instead of planning ahead.
Yep he's been in panic his entire tenure. Seems like a self-fulfilling prophecy.