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I don't really understand people who call out a person for 'not being a fan' because they criticized a player, coach or GM. That does not compute. I think it's time to revisit the definition of what a fan is, and perhaps differentiate it with another word -- fanboy.

Fanboy of X: A person who unequivocally cheers for X regardless of good/bad. Through thick and thin. No criticism required because X is perfect in every way.

Fan of X: A person who loves X and wants to see it do well.

An analogy would be "FAN" is like a parent of a child. The parent's goal is to help the child reach their full potential. The parents points out the child's mistakes and corrects them. "FANBOY" is Uncle Ned on the father's side 3 times removed.

When Uncle Ned approaches the child, he is happy and gives him a hug and a big teddy bear. When the parent looks at the same child he/she notices that the child still doesn't know how to clean up after himself after pooping his own diaper, and that he's 35 years old.

Are you a fan or a fanboy?
id like to add that it is very possible to be a fan of a team rather than its players...I have no loyalty to anyone but the team itself..if u disrespect the team then expect backlash!