This post is not of a very serious nature and maybe a bit long … but it’s why I put it over here.

One commercial that I dislike even more than the ‘yes, coach’ one (where Turkoglu’s talking on the phone with his disgusting mouth full of pizza – or maybe I should say, on the phone with his mouth full of disgusting pizza) is where that sad and almost pathetic mid-level office-dude (you know he’s an office-dude by day … and the ‘mid-level’ thing goes without saying) sneaks into the kitchen with the whole leather-and-Zorro-mask getup to ‘scare’ his wife into what he thinks will be a little bit of fantasy role-play action … and before he knows it, she’s bashing him over the head with the iron skillet. Actually, as I typed that out, I laughed … so … never mind, maybe. But … seeing dude get bashed over the head like that always leaves me shaking mine. At least they stopped playing the other one from the same company (and same ad firm) where the groom goes up to see his bride and surprises her and ‘Dad’ having a private moment. Probably just me but I could never find anything at all amusing about that one, either. All in all, I’d have to give the ad-campaign a thumbs down.

Vanilla Ice played at halftime? The Dufferin Mall gig must’ve cancelled. Actually, the halftime gig is a step up, so maybe the comeback is moving along, as planned. (Lol.)

I notice that baseball announcers (the other sport I watch) pronounce ‘Toronto’ (for the most part) the way most of us do (probably since they’ve spent more time here, with the Blue-Jays playoffs back in the ‘90s and all), making the last ‘t’ mostly silent. Toronno. Always sounded better to me … and I’ve half-convinced some who I’ve discussed it with that it’s the proper pronunciation. (Lol.) (I made up a whole story on-the-spot once, that the original Native-Indian word – Toronto, meaning ‘meeting place’ which I think is true – was properly pronounced with the last ‘t’, silent. Some bought it, some didn’t. It’s bs of course.) Anyway, basketball announcers always seem to fall all over themselves pronouncing that last ‘t’. Toe-RON-toe. Sounds ridiculous. Can somebody wise them up, please? That last ‘t’ is mostly silent. Tell ‘em the Native pronunciation thing. Or make up your own story.

So, I have three different Raptors T shirts: one from the VC era (navy with Toronto Raptors across the front – Eastern Conference below that, with Dino w/ the ball above); one I bought when I was at the ACC for the last game of the ‘06/’07 season (red, with Atlantic Division Champions and the Claw on it) and one I got at a game last year (grey, with a ball and the Claw). The last one’s my favorite to wear out and about … but lately, I noticed that the first one (navy) had a little mojo thing going on, as when I had it on during games, they seemed to win. So when I realized that, I hung it up (usually gets folded in the drawer … when it’s not temporarily scattered), where I forgot about it for couple of games. Then, on the Friday night game against Milwaukee a couple of weeks ago (after losing two), I remembered that I’d put it in the closet after the Dallas game (having worn it that Sunday and the Friday night game in New York, previous), so I ran (literally) to the bedroom closet to put it on … and sure enough, the Raps won. I made a point to then, before each of the next four games, put it on … and then after the game, hang it back up. So … what happened Tuesday against Indiana? Well, as it happened, on Tuesday, the Missus got home before me and decided that she’d take the laundry downstairs and for some reason, she went into my closet and grabbed whatever she thought needed to be washed. So when I went for it, it wasn’t there (!!). Needless to say, I griped some about it (it was already in the washer) enough for her to call me an a-hole … but after the game, I showed her that they lost and said, “see?” She called me something else, similar to the first one but in Italian this time, but it got me to wondering after I had it on last night for the big win against the Nets, if this is an unusual thing? It might be … ‘cause superstition is a bit silly (I do understand – knock wood) … but maybe not. So, does anyone else out there have a ‘lucky T shirt’ or hat or whatever? I’m just curious to know if there are others who make it a point to wear something or other for the very good reason that the Raps seem to win more often than not, when you do.

That’s all. Hope you’re good.

Go Raptors.