If you want 'loser' stats, go look at what Andrea Bargnani has been able to accomplish, even in his best years.

Ed is passing the eye test with flying colors. When he gets 10 minutes he produces just as effeciently as when he gets 20, or 30, the only thing that changes is his totals at the end of the game. Go through his game to game, he is the most consistent player we have when it comes to producing when he is on the floor. Ive been saying this from the beginning, its hard for other raptors fans to notice an improvement of a player that plays only 10 minutes, but in those 10 minutes Ed can bring more on D, and his newly improved aggressiveness on O, than any of our PowerForwards. He was our leading rebounder last year in 24 minutes. He has improved and shown a better jump shot, a more calm, less rushed approached, and stronger defensive fundamentals.

This is a positive sign to show that Ed is willing to evolve his game. Ed can get 10 rebounds without us even realizing it and in 20 minutes easy. Ed is probably our best help defender as well, AND he can be effective on offense. There is little in the way of Ed developing to be a top-10 PF in the league.