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Thread: Does MLSE deserve any blame?

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    LT could care less what forum says about him. He is more concerned with controlling the Raptors reporters and the image they project. I genuinely believe he wants to win but he does not know how to get it down. He is usually at many games and is friendly to most fans which is more than I can say for other board members. He knows which big wigs sit where and that may be what you he is very social at greeting celebreties and big wigs.
    Yah, he knew most of the people sitting up front. Got the impression that they were regulars.

    One of the guys brought his 2 kids with him, and they were sitting in 1000+ dollar seats not paying much interest to the game instead finding other distractions. Than he gets up at half time, looks at Larry and says, "have to take the kids to the balle/recital" or something, and leaves 3 front row seats empty for the 2nd half. I then realized I was the only guy without a rolex on. (score one for Seiko)
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