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You can't even divide it equally among all three of them. Bargnani played what? Maybe 1/12th of the total time by all players in the games of the last four years and all of that has been because BC and the coaches put him in the games. BC and the coaches on the other hand are responsible all the time.

Not gonna argue with that lol, how many times has Casey had line up rolling really good and playing D and he fucks it up by bringing Bargs back in even tho he has played horribly the whole game ?? too many. Or how many times had JV been playing well, contesting shots, rebounding and making high percantage shots under the basket and Casey doesnt bring him back in the fourth cause he's a rookie ?? like every game ****. Look at the Clippers theyre on a monster winning streak and how are they doing that ? the bench has finished the fourth quarter 6 of their 7 games for pete's sake !! Del Negro recognized that if theyre playing well why bring those other guys back in ? he's a good coach with EXPERIENCE and knows what to do.