Tom Haberstroh's take on Ed Davis:

Quick, someone rescue Davis before something bad happens. With players-only meetings and injuries to Andrea Bargnani (elbow) and Kyle Lowry (triceps) plaguing the Raptors, the Toronto squad appears to be a sinking ship -- and 23-year-old Davis doesn't deserve to go down with it. The organization should be building around this kid rather than burying him behind Bargnani's bricklaying campaign.

Now that Bargnani is missing some time with his elbow issue, maybe Toronto will show a least a little more confidence in Davis. Despite playing less than 20 minutes per game so far this season, he's averaging 14.7 points and 12.2 rebounds per 36 minutes (which are Varejao-type numbers). Although Davis might not erupt for 24 points and 12 boards every night the way he did on Wednesday against the Nets, he has showed that he's not just a limited scorer around the rim. Will he continue to shine when Bargnani gets back? If not, let him blossom elsewhere.