If we somehow land Andrew Wiggins and he lives up to the hype, he will change our franchise as we know it. He will have the same impact Vince Carter had in putting the Raptors on the map. We will have nationally televised games in the States. David Stern will elevate us to status we haven't seen in a while in terms of marketing and referee favoring.

Essentially, we will be the next OKC in terms of hype. For Canadian basketball, his presence will elevate basketball to another level, impacting every aspect of Canadian basketball from the grassroots level and up. As Vince Carter paved the way for the Tristan Thompson's and Andrew Nicholson, several years from now, as more Canadians enter the league, you will get "I wanted to be like Andrew Wiggins."

That said, it's a LONG SHOT. Even if the Raptors completely change directions, trade off all assets for future picks, completely tank next year, pray for the #1 pick assuming he is the consensus #1 overall. Then, add another 3 years of more tanking and building and developing and establishing assets. So we are looking at a 5 year time frame from this season. It's a BIG risk and I'm not sure it's worth going after.

If this was an automatic #1 pick for the worst team in the league, then I would advocate for the move. But seeing Mr. Stern has a lot to say in such events, the probability of pulling it off is very small. I'm still a believer that he rewards teams who are in need of a "bail out" in order to be financially sustainable in the long run.