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Thread: Chats with David Thorpe, John Hollinger & Chris Sheridan (ESPN)

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    Default Chats with David Thorpe, John Hollinger & Chris Sheridan (ESPN)

    David Thorpe - Link

    Alex (Ottawa)

    Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls!! CLASSIC!!! but thorpe what i really want to know is if you were to work with my boy Andrea Bargnani for a summer what would have him doing? thanks. LOVE the chats!

    David Thorpe (12:14 PM)

    Good call. Love that flick. Need to see a third one. "Ace Ventura as Tarzan". Bargnani just needs to continue to learn how to rebound better, and maybe some other counters to his shooting skills.
    Mark (Toronto)

    Should the Raptors try to pick up a wing for Calderon? Will anyone stomach his contract?

    David Thorpe (12:25 PM)

    He's a hard guy to move.
    Mark (ATL)

    Who is the tougher match up in the playoffs? Raptors or Bulls?

    David Thorpe (12:33 PM)

    Depends on the opponent, but Id lean to Chicago. Noah and Gibson, Thomas and Miller-not a fun 4some to deal with inside. And Rose is really coming on.
    Robert (toronto)

    Do u think bosh will leave now since toronto is playing this way? And who do you see in the raptors future (from a trade).

    David Thorpe (12:57 PM)

    It's getting tougher to leave now, to be sure. I don't think they will trade anyone of importance.

    John Hollinger - Link

    Jesse (Toronto)

    I may get kicked out of town for asking, but would anyone object to a Hedo for Vince deal today? Orl takes on a longer contract but better fit...Toronto gets a guy on a shorter deal and maybe someone they can move elsewhere for a better SF fit alongside Derozan.

    John Hollinger (2:57 PM)

    That would be the ultimate irony wouldn't it? I think the extra years on Hedo's deal would scare Orlando though ... that's why they couldn't re-sign him in the first place, they were terrified of going beyond 4 yrs.
    David (california)

    Don't you think toronto should trade bosh to see if they could get anything out of it?

    John Hollinger (3:05 PM)

    No, not right now certainly. They're about to make the playoffs and have a decent shot at keeping him this summer. Even if they can't, a sign-and-trade will net them other assets. I'd be shocked if Bosh went anywhere before July.

    Chris Sheridan - Link

    Chris (Texas)

    Do you think the Lakers should trade for Bosh when bynum is doing so well?

    Chris Sheridan (3:16 PM)

    That trade isn't happening unless Bosh makes a direct threat to the Raptors that he'll sign elsewhere (Miami), without giving Toronto the option of doing a sign-and-trade, unless they ship him to the Lakers by the deadline. And I don't see Chris making that threat.
    roy (new york)

    what are the chances that donnie walsh makes a trade before the deadline that will either save the knicks from further embarrasement, or perhaps help them with their playoff push?

    Chris Sheridan (3:39 PM)

    It's all about trading Jared Jeffries at this point, Roy, otherwise the Knicks are more or less doomed to losing David Lee next summer (either through a siogn-and-trade, or outright with nothing in return on the unrestricted free agent market) if they land LeBron James. If they move Jeffries for expiring money, they'll have enough room to go after James and then choose between Lee and Bosh, if Bosh is interested. I'd also postulate that if it took the inclusion of Nate Robinson to get Jeffries off their cap, they'd probably do it if they had to. (The problem, though, is that Nate has a trade veto, and he wouldn't want to go anywhere except Boston, or to a team that'll have enough room under the cap next summer to hook him up for 3 years. Plus, Nate is a base-year compensation player, which complicates what's doable under the NBA's restrictive trade rules.)
    loving it (toronto)

    After reading the doom and gloom at the beginning of the season what is your updated take of the Raptors? What do they need to bump into elite status?

    Chris Sheridan (3:58 PM)

    It takes time to work in a player like Turkoglu, who needs the ball in his hands to be effective. And that's especially difficult when Bargnani and Bosh require the same thing (not to mention Calderon, back when he was more relevant). So the whole idea for Toronto is to have things running smoothly in March and April and to absorb the potholes along the way, then roll the dice in the playoffs and hope they succeed enough to convince Bosh it's worth his while to stay.
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    Indeed. If we manage to swap him for Caron w/o giving up any draft picks or taking back bad contracts I will be quite impressed.

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    I'm not convinced Calderon for Butler necessarily makes us better now. We have Turk's giant unmovable contract so we have to roll with him, like it or not. Having Butler here means he will be in a backup role, which he is not accustomed to - and I don't know his personality, but I'm not sure a guy used to starting and with his talent level would be amenable to that. Not to mention Wright gets pushed further down the rotation when he is performing well for a bench player. I wouldn't be sad if Butler were our bench player, and things worked but I think it would be a trade just to be a trade. Additionally, we lose the potency of Calderon coming off the bench and being a supersub. Marcus Banks can defend well, but he certainly can't run the second unit like Jose.

    I think our current collection of misfits could do quite well and I wouldn't move anybody for now unless a clear winner came along.

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    wait...i know butler is a 'SF,' but in the almost-zero-percent chance he's traded to TO, wouldn't it make sense to move him to SG? from what i remember of him, he's got enough lat. quicks to handle defending SG's, and it makes TO's lineup a good deal more imposing physically. i know he's had a complete shyte season, but all things considered, i'd attribute that almost entirely to the situation he's in. his contract isn't bad (not overly long, not overly $$).

    of course, the general assumption has been that it'd be jose going the other way. but why would wash. want to do that?

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    Butler would be played at SG. He can defend that position, which is mostly all that matters. 13 efficient points a nice from him and rockstar defense are all I want.

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