I know:

- Raps played great TEAM defence
- Shot selection is so much better
- Ball movement
- Effort
- Communication on D

That's it. They're like a completely different team without those two. They look like an NBA team again.

Problem with their so called stars is, with Lowry. He always takes unnecessary/forced/dumb shots in crucial situation. He always plays hero ball. His shot selection is just brutal. And his D in my opinion is just as bad as Calderon.

Not crapping on Kyle. He's a talented player. But right now he's a liability to this team. Main thing that he needs to improve is his shot selection. When to shoot and when to pass.

As for Bargnani, i can go on and on about this guy. Where to start? Below average defender, worst rebounding 7footer in the history of the game, no awareness in his game, shoots whenever he gets the ball. Enough already.