Dec.15, and it's past 1:00pm, I see no changes in the Raptors lineups

I say the Raps need to push this trigger

Raps out: Bargs, Calderon, Ross, Kleiza
Raps in: Aminu, Vazquez, Carter, Collison

No out: Aminu, Vazquez, E.Gordon
No in: Bargs, Kleiza, Marion, Beaubois, Dal picks

Dallas out: Carter, Marion, Collison, Beaubois, Dal 1st round pick (2013+14)
Dallas in: Ross, Calderon, E.Gordon

Raps Lineups
Lowry/Collison/Vazquez/Lucas (waived)

Why Raps: Raps get Aminu. a young prospect in the same draft class as Davis, an established SF, when Carter retires after two years, Aminu can either step up or be a great backup SF for years to come. Carter will rejuvenate his career as a Raps, bring some tenacity and spirit to the depressing Raps. Collison is a great backup PG, can distribute the ball well while Vazquez. a young promising PG who can play some SG minutes, this means Lucas is waived.

Why Hornets: The Hornets get Bargs who could substitute for Davis or start at the Center position, a former 1st round pick should bring the Hornets some scoring threat. Marion will start at the SF position, he brings leadership and veteran help for the young Hornets while Kleiza can back him up. Beaubois might see his first start as a Hornet, a chance to establish himself as an elite PG. The Hornets also acquire two future 1st rounder from the Mavs in exchange for E.Gordon

Why Mavs: The Mavs make a gamble here by trading some of their rotational pieces for E.Gordon, even though OJ Mayo is playing as an allstar, it doesn't hurt their franchise to add another scoring threat in E.Gordon who could see minutes at PG. Calderon will be a good backup or start at PG until Gordon returns while Ross, being picked at No8 will be the primary backup for OJ Mayo for years to come.

I think the three teams will benefit from the trade.