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" if he could get the ball on the bench he would shoot it !!! "

It's actually his job ...you know? everyone on this team had bad nights shooting the balls , De Rozan,Calderon,Lowry ect
it's up to the manager aswell to put them in condition to perform, why keeping Barg on the 3 points line when is got a off night?
they always tried to put him closer to the basket last year was good in the middle range area now instead they move him back on 3 points line .

I think you are the one having your eyes fixated on Bargnani but you see just what you don't like and you don't even care the reasons if there are any , and you forget to see how poor can be sometimes the rest of the team , let's see if they are going back to the ugly basketball of last year ...at least they won't pretend to be good and just fight like a bottom feeding team should do!
I can't even understand half of what you just said. Next time fix up your grammar. Also, yea its bargnani's job to score but that doesn't mean chuck up endless bricks mindlessly. There's something called shot selection which he doesn't seem to know of. He is also a crap team defender, his one on one defense doesn't mean jack shit if he can't prevent the other team from scoring. Ed Davis is a better team defender than Bargnani easily.