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Jeez, the lack of success the Raptors have had with Calderon is very difficult for me.

There are three constants in Toronto the last 7 years: Bargnani, Colangelo, and Calderon. They should all go so the franchise can move forward. Jose is not the only problem but he was predominantly the starting point guard so he does have his fair share of the responsibility.
Thing is, PG play hasn't been a major issue in Toronto's lack of success the past 6 years. The biggest issue has been, and continues to be, the Raptors wings are terrible and unproductive. Derozan has been slightly better this year but the blackhole at the SF spot has dragged down Derozan's production.

I'm not exactly sure why Calderon has taken the brunt of so many fans' anger. Most players in his shoes (i.e. where every year they try and trade or replace you) would have demanded a trade ages ago or played like crap until they got traded. He's always been a consummate pro, he's always worked hard and never complained and he's been productive offensively for years. Yeah, he's not Chris Paul or Rajon Rondo but Calderon has been the least of this team's problems.

I've always felt like if Colangelo had put as much effort into finding a SG and SF as he has trying to replace Calderon, this team would have been far better off.