This is a four game sample size from Ed Davis this season.

PPG: 13.3
REB: 8.0
BLK: 1.0
STL: 1.0
AST: 1.5

Free Throw Percentage 88%

I'm drawing no serious conclusions until we see the larger three week sample size.

However, I will raise one prospect that I consider to be exciting should it come to fruition

By the start of next season we could have both a PF and C averaging a double double, playing tough defense, swatting shots and knocking down 70 (realistic for Ed) to 90% (realistic for JV) of their free throws.

JV and Ed both could average around 10 boards 1.5 blocks, 10pts. Not to mention all the shots they could alter

Combine that Amir Johnson playing 26 - 30 minutes between the four and the five who should be able to average roughly the same 8-10pts 6-8 boards 1.5 blocks and 75 to 80% from the free throw line.

With Amir Johnson we know what we are going to get. I'm not saying he has peaked. The jumper will get smoother, and quicker. He may eventually get that 3pt shot down, not as a regular offensive weapon but only to punish bigs that sag way off of him. If he takes more than two of those a game I'll snap.

Both Ed Davis and especially Jonas Valanciunas have the ceilings to do much better than that.

Aaron Gray and Quincy Acy as insurance are fine. What do you really expect from your 4th and 5th big. One allows you to play small ball one allows you to play big ball/hackadwight

As much as we shit on Bryan Colangelo I am willing to make the following statement. IF he deals with Bargnani this season or in the off season (injury might force a delay to the trade deadline/off season) Then I give him full credit for building a front court with fantastic potential, who even if they don't max out and become all stars, will be gifted defensively, active on the glass, and excellent free throw shooters.

ED/JV/AMIR is a front court you can ride for the next decade provided the business end/injuries do not interfere